A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for McGame Jam 2017.

RPG puzzler that simulates unfortunate circumstances.


Hi, welcome to Breakdown Simulator.


Navigate through a little girl's path to becoming an artist.


Your character can be moved around with the arrow keys. Obstacles are scary, so if you stop moving towards them, they push you a few steps away. Be wary of boxes of insecurity! You can push them aside, but they may want to follow you around or become too heavy to bear if merged with other boxes!


You cannot exit the game by pressing Esc until the end of the experience, but you can easily close the game window.

Be sure to read all prompts at the bottom of the screen and follow those instructions.

I hope you have a happy breakdown!


Install instructions

Download, unzip and run executable!


Team27_BreakdownSim.zip 9 MB

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